Strain Gauge Testing

MES provides strain gauge testing of metal components, pipeline, and structures. We provide Level II technicians and certified weld inspectors (CWI). Strain gauges are devices used to determine material strain due to static and dynamic loads coming from internal and external sources such as mechanical, thermal and pressure. During a given test, a gauge is attached to the specimen by an adhesive bond. As the specimen is deformed by loading, the foil within the gauge is deformed, which causes the electrical resistance to change. Measurement of the gauge electrical resistance is performed using a Wheatstone bridge circuit and a computerized data logger.

MES can bond strain gauges to the test surface, perform data acquisition and provide test data to assist in identifying the stress, mechanical failure or fatigue to verify your design, uncover weak points, and/or validate your FEA. In all cases, MES has the experience to assist in increasing your component reliability.



  • In-house and field strain gauge applications and testing

  • Load and force monitoring

  • Thermal stress analysis

  • Mechanical stress analysis

  • Residual stress analysis

  • CTE testing


  • ASTM E251-92(2014)

  • ASTM E837-13a

  • ASTM E1561-93(2014)


  • Can accommodate samples of various sizes